Sitecore Consulting from design to development

Bryant Stratton College in America undertook a comprehensive redesign and rebuilding project for their existing Sitecore website. To ensure seamless implementation within the Sitecore platform and identify opportunities for simplification, Jigital was engaged as a consultant.

Their primary responsibility was to assess the proposed designs, provide recommendations for modifications or alternative solutions, and ensure alignment with Sitecore's capabilities.

During collaborative group calls where stakeholders from Bryant Stratton College convened to discuss the designs, Jigital played a crucial role.

They adeptly translated intricate programming and architectural concepts into easily understandable language, enabling all participants to grasp how each design element would function within the Sitecore framework. By effectively communicating the technical aspects, Jigital facilitated a shared understanding among stakeholders, including non-technical individuals.


Our technology speciality is Sitecore, Umbraco and .NET and we help companies build digital solutions and providing our wealth of experience and insights in delivering complex IT projects in the form of bespoke consultancy and CTO as a service. 

Our greatest asset is being able to have complex technical discussions with specialists and translate that information into plain English that everyone can understand.

We also understand that technical people often get pigeon holed into 'do this and don't ask questions' which leads to people not thinking about the actual problem.  By keeping a flat organisational structure and removing 'project management' as much as possible we always look at the problem from 'how does this solution solve a business problem and move things forward, both for the us and our client'.  Reframing the problem in this manner, we are able to look at problem from a business and technical perspective recommend different approaches, the various trade-offs of each one free from any constraints.

Jigital have over a decades experience delivering complex 'enterprise' level digital solutions leveraging Sitecore and Umbraco for clients all over the world

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